Full Motion Training


Lower Cost, More Effective Flight Training

Full Motion Training offers the latest in affordable full motion flight simulation, featuring the Redbird FMX.  The Redbird line of simulators was designed to change the way pilots are trained. The realistic wrap-around screens, avionics, and full motion movements enhance the training experience for pilots of all levels, from student to ATP. 

Advanced Technology
The Redbird FMX is a high-quality, feature-rich motion AATD, priced with real-world flight training operations in mind.  With standard features that are anything but standard, such as wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, reconfigurable construction, and of course a motion platform, the FMX serves up a level of realism that is simply unavailable in other training devices on the market.

Lower Cost, Innovative Training
Bad weather will never ground you again!  Full Motion Training is available in all weather conditions, and at a ZERO fuel cost.  Students and instructors can master valuable skills under realistic conditions, including engine out, customized weather, customized cross winds, night flying, partial panel, unusual attitude recovery, and just about any other conceivable scenario.  An FAA approved training device, the Redbird FMX simulator provides students with a faster, more efficient way to learn to fly, earn a commercial pilot rating, or maintain instrument proficiency.   

Choice of Realistic Configurations
Full Motion Training is available in a variety of interchangeable configurations to match your aircraft preferences.  Choose from popular Cessna, Cirrus, Piper, and other models/manufacturers.  Realistic panel and autopilot configurations include G1000, Avidyne, and Garmin 430/530 bundles.  Steam gauge models and turbo-charged models are also available. 

Desirable "Destination" Locations
Bring the whole family along!  Full Motion Training can be combined with a ski vacation in Tahoe, a San Diego vacation, a Disneyland getaway, or a houseboat trip on Lake Powell.  Increasing proficiency and skills should be fun, and Full Motion Training can help you turn flight training into an exciting adventure.  Come in your own plane, fly commercial, or drive to the location you prefer. 

Put the FUN back in Flying!
Practicing crosswind landings can be frustrating and time-consuming, but not in the FMX.  Practice exactly the skills you need to perfect, without wasting time on things you already know.  Too many pilots have let valuable instrument ratings slip away because flying multiple approaches and holds at a towered field weren't practical -- but there's no more efficient way to maintain currency than with Full Motion Training.  You can resume approaches at the initial approach fix and fly dozens of approaches in a single session!   

Fly Safer
Nothing is more important that your safety in the air.  Practice emergency procedures, radio communications, partial panel, adverse weather conditions, and more ... without risking life or airframe.  Two-pilot teams can practice workload sharing and cockpit management.  Non-pilot companions can learn more about flying, emergency procedures, and using a panel similar to what you actually fly -- in a safe and unintimidating setting.  Many insurance underwriters are offering lower rates to pilots who complete recurrent training programs, and with good reason. 

Practice makes perfect -- but recurrent training may actually save your life. 

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